Full camp details listed below.  For more information, call 910-679-5060. 

JULY 22-26


July 22-26 AM:  8-12 PM

Enjoy researching and learning all about your favorite animals characteristics, behaviors, and nutritional needs.  Study animal habitats and conservation efforts around the world.  We will have lots of animal friends coming in to visit!  You won’t want to miss this!

Star Wars MakerLab

July 22-26 AM:  8-12 PM

Use the force to build and command robots and droids.  Resist the power of the dark side as you focus your mind to move objects.  Craft your own light saber that you take home to continue your training.  May the force be with you! Recommended age 3rd grade and up.

Harry Potter STEM

July 22-26 PM:  1-5 PM

Enjoy a Wizarding theme around everyone’s favorite characters!  We will explore herbology, potions, and all new STEM house challenges!   

Mindstorms robotics

July 22-26 PM:  1-5 PM

Engineer and program our EV3 Educational Robots to accomplish design applications and complete an array tasks.  Recommended minimum age is 8 years old. 


earth expedition

July 29-August 2 AM:  8am-12 PM

Learn about our incredible planet as we explore volcanoes, rock formations, and extreme weather formations.  Build models and learn about efforts to protect our planet.  Recommended K-3rd grades

Pokemon Math Sleuths

July 29-August 2 AM:  8-12 PM

Explore Pokemon challenges all week long!  Our introduction to probability and statistics math camp is a return fan-favorite.  This week also build off the theme of the Pikachu Detective fun with our forensic science experience.

LEadership academy

July 29-August 2 AM:  8-12 PM

Learn leadership and team-building skills from professionals.  Topics include effective communication, emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback, time management and goal setting strategies.  Recommended ages 5-8th grade

Edible Science

July 29-August 2 PM:  1-5 PM

Food chemistry labs designed for our younger scientists!  We introduce how chemical reactions occur in the kitchen as we make lots of edible experiments!  Recommended K-3rd grades.

culinary chemistry

July 29-August 2 PM:  1-5 PM

Baking = chemistry + math.  STEM bakers will practice measurements and conversions and learn how each ingredient contributes to a chemical reaction inside the oven.  Good experiments = good eating!   Minimum recommended age 3rd grade.

engineering camp

July 29-August 2 PM:  1-5 PM

Use engineering approaches to problem solving as you design and build small-scale models of a variety of structures from a suspension bridge to flying machines.  Recommended ages 5-8th grade. 


Lego Robotics

August 5-9 AM:  8-12 PM

Explore while using LEGO Education Robotic Systems to engineer and code your own creations.  Each day learn to problem-solve by planning, building and testing robots during individual and team challenges.  Recommended K-3rd grades.

superhero superpowers

August 5-9 AM:  8-12 PM

Explore the science behind super powers as we simulate these powers in our labs! 

mindcraft raspberry pi

August 5-9 AM:  8am-12pm

Build your own fully functional computer while learning engineering and programming through a combination of engaging storyline,  physical build and project challenges on the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft.  No experience necessary.  Best part is that the computer is yours to take home!  Recommended 4th-8th grades

Math Madness

August 5-9 AM:  1-5 PM

Refresh your math skills as we begin getting ready for school again.  Using hands-on learning approaches and fun games and activities, kids will have a chance to enjoy math! Recommended K-3rd grades.

Little Bits Coding Camp

August 5-9 PM:  1-5 PM

Campers are encouraged to engineer and design using our Little Bits invention-based learning center.  Learn to code and program games, musical instruments and other gizmos and gadgets that get you excited about STEM technology around you.

Outbreak! Viruses and Microbes

August 5-9 PM:  1-5 PM

Investigate microbiology and virology and how the course of diseases spread.  Recommended ages 4th-8th grade.

AUGUST 12-16

Land of Dinosaurs

August 12-16 AM:  8-12PM

Live a day in the life of a paleontologist and study dinosaurs names, behaviors, adaptations, and habitats on ancient Earth.  Recommended K-3rd grades

Escape Room Puzzles (K-3)

August 12-16 PM:  8-12 PM

Escape our challenge by developing strategies and learning STEM facts along the way.  Crack codes, discover clues, research puzzles as you work and think creatively as a team.  

Escape Room Puzzles (4-8th)

August 12-16 PM:  8-12 PM

Escape our challenge by developing strategies and learning STEM facts along the way.  Crack codes, discover clues, research puzzles as you work and think creatively as a team. 

LEGo City Builds and Robots

August 12-16 PM:  1-5 PM

Enjoy building Kidtropolis while learning structural engineering basics and math through LEGO play.  Once the city is built, code your robots to tour through the city! 

slime chemistry

August 12-16 AM:  8am-12pm

Slime manufacturing is a great opportunity to learn about biological properties of mucous, as well as material chemistry.  Couple this with our video production and create ‘the blob’ storyline.

Biotech Camp

August 12-16 PM:  1-5 PM

Learn the fundamentals of genetics and biotechnology.  Classical to Molecular Genetics laboratory exercises include DNA electrophoresis and other advanced techniques.  Recommended 4th-8th grades

  • All campers must have an active Membership at the time of camp participation (independent of time the camp was purchased).
  • Weekly camp sessions run Monday-Friday.  Each weekly session (AM or PM)  is $199 per child unless otherwise noted, as some labs have additional supply costs.
  • A minimum number of camper enrollment is needed to run a camp.  This determination will be made the week before the camp start date.    If a camp is cancelled, a full refund will be issued to any campers enrolled in the session.
  • Core Summer Camp curriculum instruction will run from 8:30am-11:30pm and from 1:30-4:30pm. The STEM Labs offers families convenience and flexibility with early drop-off (8am) and late pick up (5pm). This option is already included in the price of the camp session. Campers will still engage in STEM-related games and activities under supervision of an instructor during this time.
  • For added convenience, campers who have reserved a morning and afternoon block in the same week, are able to stay for the lunch hour (12-1pm) under our supervision.  Campers should bring their own lunch, or can purchase a catered lunch delivered to The STEM Labs (more details to be provided prior to the camp registered week). Weather permitting, campers may have an outdoor picnic, or go on a supervised walk to stretch during this lunch hour.  Signed permission slip is needed to leave The STEM Labs center. 
  • We ask that all families be punctual for pick up times, so our staff has enough opportunity clean-up and properly prepare for the next session at our facilities.  Late pick ups will result in additional fees beyond the cost of the camp.  $15 will be charged for the first 15 minutes late, and $1 for each minute afterwards.
  • Refund policy for our Summer Camp program is outlined in the Terms and Conditions section located on our website.  Camps are non-refundable within 2-weeks of the camp start date.